Countries fighting for supremacy during COVID-19 period

supremacy during COVID-19 period

Supremacy during COVID-19 period: The first generation countries like America, Russia China Japan and many more countries belonging from Europe are fighting for the supremacy over the world during the COVID-19 period.

Role of America in COVID-19 situation

America is going to a very disaster situation of COVID-19. Enter start the US government never talked COVID-19 situation seriously. If it would have taken precautionary measures at the right time, it wouldn’t have been on the top off the list affected by COVID-19 virus. Later when it too some stuff like lockdown and vaccine research it was too late because of this the rise in patients increase the later US blamed WHO organisation for helping China in hiding the COVID-19. The situation is a pandemic also stopped the funding given to the World health organisation. Right now still the lockdown has been lifted which has left no option but increase in a COVID-19 patient in America giving enter top place in the pandemic list. The reason right now is for coming elections.

supremacy during COVID-19 period

“Russia is also affected worstly”

We should ask a question why was Russia too late in getting pandemic patients of COVID-19. The straight answers are that COVID-19 patients in Russia have started coming in the mids of the year. There were many more reasons also which led to a surprising increase in COVID-19. Patients in a very small span of the period the counts went very high in the last two months we can say Russia was also one of the worst affected be COVID-19 patience.

“How bad situation is in Europe”

Many of the countries in Europe have been affected by COVID-19. The countries which were known for elite fashion industry technology & pharma were badly affected. Spain, Italy, Greece were on the top.

“Aisa the heat up in COVID-19 cases”

Asia has many third-generation countries which have a lack of medical technology. Industries and many more only the labour is cheap and is an outsourced to all over the poverty line in Asian countries. Is on the highest in the world many people have to come in the lockdown period also to work for their daily wages, in fact, it has been seen there was a tremendous amount of migration during the lockdown period. People who are migrating had only one thing India mind so that they could die in their native land.

supremacy during COVID-19 period
Migrant peoples are going back to home

We have seen the migrants going through to different kind of vehicles transport vehicles and some bye barefoot. It was one of the worst scenes shown in the media why social distancing was not at all maintained. The ideology of a human being which gets from the birth and the time he gets raised is that he has to live socially and harmonious with other people bye greeting them in the form of hugs shake hands and sometimes kissing also this was the reason which vitamin does Hike of COVID-19 patients. All over the world as it is one of the biggest reason for spreading the virus.


In this blog, we have seen many situations all over the world we have also seen that many countries and administration had problems to deal with COVID-19 pandemic situation and this will go on we only have one light that the vaccine could be developed as soon as possible to save human life.

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