COVID-19 A DISASTER PANDEMIC: COVID-19 has become a disaster pandemic in all over the world causing hundred thousands of lives as well as it has been a disaster on the economy.


COVID-19 is one of the biggest factors which has led the downfall of the economy of all over the world or we should say world wide disaster on the economy buy COVID-19 causing loss of job.the loss of a job is not only in first-generation countries but also in the third generation countries also we have seen that not only America, Europe but also 3rd generation countries are getting was affected by COVID-19.

“Loss of jobs in the US and Europe” Due to COVID-19 A DISASTER PANDEMIC

The loss of jobs in first-generation countries that is the US and Europe as on a bigger scale as these countries are having nearly 70% of employees working in a service class and the remaining on agriculture and business. The US is having a large number of outsourcing from all over the world outsourcing people come for jobs as well as a better life in the US and Europe these people belong from third-generation countries especially America and Europe as a dream of their life but due to COVID-19, there has been a lockdown which has left for no option but the loss of job people who are being outsourced depend totally on their jobs and in this world without money nobody can live.


is lock-down a permanent solution or a time in solution

lockdown is not a solution, it’s just a wall for the time being or time needed to fight against the disease. Lockdown has done in various countries for the first purpose of breaking the chain of COVID-19 but it has been an and unsuccessful way as the lockdown was not properly time period decided when to put and when to lift off. When the lockdown was been implemented there were limited cases of coronavirus where to be controlled but in overconfidence and lockdown was lifted due to which there was a tremendous increase in COVID-19 patients all over the world where the lockdown was lifted off.


“why is knock-down necessary at this time”

the lockdown was done for the time required to research the COVID-19 vaccine as well as to break the chain of patients. But lockdown was lifted off for economy in all over the world by all over the authorities. Is still no country has developed a 100% COVID-19 vaccine but the lockdown was lifted off which resulted in a very use Hike in patients all over the world it was a totally useless and unresponsible act of lifting of the lockdown because without a cure the patients are increasing and the economy is also a failure.


“sailing on two boats at a time

How could on two boats at a time? Running the economy and lifting off the lockdown it’s not possible at all people all over the world do not obey the rules and laws properly, the basic law of social distancing is not been followed in all over the world whether they are educated or not they are from America Europe or 3rd generation countries. We have seen a tremendous amount of public gathering on beaches markets and places which would have been avoided but all over the world not over social distance law insect at many places all over the world it has been seen that people are not using the mask also which is a very big mistake hobby should say a blunder in a time where we don’t have 100% COVID-19 vaccine.

in the end, I will request all of the people over the world to try to maintain social distancing as well as the use of mask and be aware of DO and DONT’S by WHO.



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