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Bond in family

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Bond In Family

Human Nature: What is a family? what is the bond that unites a family? and many questions. We humans get birth and at that time get a Family. Mother father may be brothers & sisters also. the time we spend while growing develops our personality. our parents teach us everything in life. brothers sisters teach us how to adjust to each other. other family members make us know how to act in the family. cultural events make us understand the social knowledge what our family has in public. In many occasions, we get the chance to increase our family. Marriages widen our family. a phrase is also there “a family that stays together lives happily together”. in Hindi there is also a phrase “khoon to khoon ka saath dega hi” it means same blood ( family member ) will in any condition support his family.


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Importance of friends

One of the most expensive gifts is friendship. a saying is there ” you can’t choose family but can choose friends of your choice” i.e you don’t know where to take birth but you know that whom you want as a friend. everyone has a friend, either a friend is good or bad but everyone has a friend. some friends are from your childhood, some from school & college. Some friends are from working environment & some from the locality. Friends are diamonds, which is about the phrase “diamonds are forever”. we share everything with our friends sometimes a friend is many times closer than a family member. a phrase is also quoted “a friend in need is a friend indeed” i.e that who in your need helps you is your real friend. The world runs on friendship. in friendship many people put their life on the sword’s edge.


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Haha ha. marriages are made in heaven”. in our lifespan we need someone with whom we live our life. we marry a person of our choice or our family and friend choice.

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