RBI gives relief to loan bower’s

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RBI gives relief to loan bower's

RBI gives relief to loan bower’s: The RBI has taken a few steps for loan borrowers. Usually, it has been seen that the ARC companies use unethical ways and harassment techniques towards the borrowers. Reserve Bank of India has strictly told the ARC companies to stop all these unethical ways and harassment at once.

“Why Did The RBI Took This Step”

there were many complaints against the EMI collection companies. Collection companies use to hacked mobile contact phone diaries. The collection companies used to call all the knowledge and the relatives of the borrower, harass them. The connection companies not only used bad languages but also threatened the knowing also.

RBI gives relief to loan bower's

How are the ways the collection company harass

Usually collection companies and their agents call the customers many many times a day. The agents their self commit time for collection why suppressing the customer. The agents act like a Don and do goondaism with the customers. The agents usually visit the houses as well as the workplaces of the customers, they used to to create a scene and demolish the image of the consumer by creating a ruckus, and bad words also. Nowadays they even call all the family members of the customer as well as they are known persons and friends. Usually, they send wrong and bad language using messages the customers and try to defame him in society. Many times the agent used to call all at night also give threatening calls threatening messages and even bad language is also.



NO, the IRC wouldn’t stop to work as it was doing. Mostly collection companies have police family backgrounds as well as the political touch. These agents think that they can do anything and anyhow and nobody can stop them. It is also seen that these agents and collection companies many at times informally use their connexions to threaten the customers by their sources in policy and politics. All these reasons have led The RESERVE BANK OF INDIA to take strict action against these Collection Companies And Agents.

a common person is already a middle-class person he is poor and needy. Banks run a business on the base of the common person. Bank knows that the common person is the biggest customer he has to take loans from household items to the home. A middle-class person has to take a car loan, home loan, education loan and consumer durable loans also. He has to pay various kinds of EMI from time to time. With least salary option and the maximum requirement for the EMI he has to struggle between both. In the present period of COVID-19, many have lost their jobs and many are working on 50% of their salary and that is also not on time. How can a common person pay for both of it and the requirement of is bread and butter? The government should also think to help the poor and the poorest with the middle class have some relief in the loans EMI hand present expenses necessary.

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