What about the current corona status

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Today in the month of September 2020-Current Corona Status

current corona status

current corona status: In India, the cases had crossed 37 lac. After too many precautions, the rise in Covid-19 cases shows that either the people are not understanding the seriousness or there is a lack of knowledge. there are many cases which are asymptomatic patients. It’s a very serious issue many people are dying without knowing that they are corona patients.

Crisis due to Pandemic

current corona status

Pandemic had already caused many lives to date. Many people had already lost their jobs. many families had gone below the poverty line. Schools are closed. Metro, Railway and Airways have been only initially working with minimum capacity. Companies have been cutting their working staff. FM-CG companies have been suffering the most. Real-Estate companies had already lost their markets since 2017 Notebandi. The health sector is on the better front due to COVID situation.

RBI and Finance

current corona status

The Reserve Bank of India has done various steps towards the economy. The moratorium was one of the steps to give help to the citizens & companies. The Financial Situation of the country has worsened. The Quarterly GDP has been negative 23.9 percent. This is the lowest in past forty years. Unemployment has raised on the Maximum.

Lock-down effects

current corona status

lockdown has cost very big economic crisis but was necessary for the pandemic situation.

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