World War -3 at our Doorstep?

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World War -3

World War -3: How is World war – 3 our doorstep? The present scenario of the world due to the pandemic of COVID-19 situation has led the European countries as well as superpower America to take strict actions against China. Every country all over the world believes that COVID-19 virus has been created by China in their lab. Due to which the Superpowers countries like America, Britain, France, Australia and many more countries are in the favour to implement strict actions against China which will definitely let towards World war – 3.

In World War -3 Situation In Indian Sub-continent

World War -3

The situation in the Indian subcontinent is very critical. Countries like China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran are always against Superpower America. All these countries pose an enemy behaviour against the western countries. In the past three decades, China has overcome has a new superpower competitor against America. It has become one of the largest merchant hand manufacturers for the world. China manufacturers from pin to plane all the necessary parts are made in China, in fact, we can say the world depends on China in terms of manufacturing of any product and its parts. Only INDIA is the biggest competitor for China in the Indian sub-continent. India is having up best superior manpower as well as a very clear leadership of Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji. Shri Narendra Modi Ji has always given a clear and motivating leadership not only to India but also so the whole Indian subcontinent.

“INDIA a Super-Power with Friends”– World War -3

In the past 60 years, India has developed all kind of relationships in which we call all are good friendly ties with all the superpowers in the world. In the 21st century, India has not only maintained its old relationship but also created a new relationship with many – many countries. The relationship with America in the present period is one of the sweetest in past 60 years. We could also say this is due to a great effort by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji. Shri Modi Ji has travelled the world all over the globe to make good ties as well as to create more relationship all over the world. India has not only given preference to the richest countries but also so to the poorest countries in the world. Shri Modi Ji has maintained a good dialogue and very good communication with all over the world.

World War -3
Why Is America Supporting India

America has a sense of belief that he can trust India in all the matters. The current relationship between The President of America Donald Trump and Shri Narendra Modi Ji has been very friendly. Both the leaders have a direct contact & discussion in any of the matter without any hesitation or confusion. India is having knowledge from dynasties. We can say an India is a land of gods. When India gives a commitment to any of the country it stands on its words. Indians are known for their commitment and trust. INDIA is having a large number of Educated People And Professionals who will lead the country & the world in the present and Future Decades.

Will India Have A War Against China

None of the countries wants a war in this pandemic period. But situations are changing day by day with both the countries sharing the borders known as LAC (Line Of Actual Control). There has been a lot off a current crisis on the LAC by both the countries. After many years there has been a casualty of soldiers. This has triggered a new situation against each other. India and China are having very big budgeted commerce trade. India is one of the biggest customer as well as consumer of China. Nearly 80% of basic parts are been imported from China. China knows very well that if he goes against India not only he will lose the market in India but also create a new competitor in the manufacturing field. China is playing pressure politics with India but he has underestimated the power of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji. Shri Modi Ji e is capable to turn the table against China. He has a very clear and developing image as well as he is a very determined leader.

World War -3
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In World War -3 On Which Side Of Super Powers.

In the present world and its politics, nearly every superpower is with India. Russia France America Britain and Islamic countries also support India. India has emerged as a very developing country as well as also a very friendly behaviour country. Nearly every superpower countries no they can rely on India. We hope that there will be peace in the world.

World War -3
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if there is a war it would be one of the biggest and worst wars in history. we have to see that the countries will not just be finishing each other just one time but having nuclear capability many times. There are many many mass destruction weapons as well as biological weapons which will be used. Nearly every superpower will see its best just to fight and maintain its supremacy all over the world. In the past two world wars, we have seen only conventional weapons were been used. Only Japan has suffered atomic bombs attack and that also just two times. Now because every country is having nuclear as well as more destructive weapons it can nearly clean all the population from the world and this would be a very disaster situation. Humankind must be saved at any cost for this piece is necessary and a continuing dialogue between all the countries should be maintained and done regularly.

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